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In an age where most families rely on a double income, many moms are searching for the best possible ways to make money from home.  Thanks to the internet, there are literally thousands of great business ideas, many of which can be managed from the kitchen table - Etsy shops, blogging, social media marketing, MLM businesses... the list of opportunities is endless. But let's be honest, the process of starting a home-based business can be grueling.  In a standard approach to entrepreneurship, project demands become the singular object of attention, leaving more important areas of life in the background. This process will often leave the stay-at-home mom feeling defeated and overwhelmed.  


The Success Project: 10 steps for the momrpreneur reveals an approach to entrepreneurship that produces more than a cool new project.  This approach is based on the notion that you are a creative being, born with infinite, divine potential.  By approaching your project (and every other endeavor in your life) from this approach, you can begin to fulfill your potential and become the vehicle to a truly remarkable experience.  


Making Inspired Projects Happen